Kerala Parivarthanam Scheme Portal 2021 – Online Registration At

Kerala Parivarthanam Scheme Portal 2021 – Online Registration At Students, teachers, dealer MIMI fish, industry partners, fish producers register online through official website. 

The Government of Kerala has started a pioneering environmental agenda called ‘Parivartanam’ to enhance the maintenance of the fishing fellowship. The objective of the scheme is to improve the livelihood skills of the youth along the coastline and to enable the socio-economic upliftment of the fishermen community.

Candidates including dropout, seller MIMI FISH (team leaders), teachers/institutes, production co-workers, fish farmers can apply online on the Kerala Parivartanam Scheme Portal.

Kerala Parivarthanam Scheme Portal 2021 –

Parivartanam, which means change, will be organized under the leadership of the Coastal Zone Development Corporation (KSCADC) of the state of Kerala.

  • The scheme will promote the processing and marketing of clean and fresh fish products.
  • Parivartan will also be guaranteed a fixed price to the fishmongers as fair compensation.
  • It will also provide employment to youth coming out of college and migrant workers returning home due to Covid-19.

Apart from this, the Central Government’s Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) will also monitor fish procurement and processing to ensure its quality.

Key Objectives of Kerala Parivartanam Scheme

  • The program directs at improving the handling and development of fresh fish and its pieces.
  • Fishermen, Laboursand college dropouts will be provided profession via the system as due to the Covid-19 pandemic the condition became most unfortunate for most of the labor workforce.
  • Apart from this, the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) of Union management will control the acquisition and processing of fish besides assuring its condition.
  • The scheme will also guarantee a fixed price to fix catchers as reasonable compensation.
  • The fish operators will be guided in the plan for how to manage equipment for chilled fish.
  • A wide range of value-added commodities will be developed for the processing step.

Kerala Parivarthanam Scheme Portal Online Registration 2021

Here are the categories of people who can apply for the Kerala Parivarthanam Scheme Portal Registration 2021.

Parivartanam Scheme Registration for Students Including Dropouts

Undergraduate/vocational stream students with an exam paper backlog, who require part-time work to maintain their education, with possibilities to obtain extra experiences by the NSDC Skills Program. Ages between 20-34 years.

Dealer MIMI Fish (Team Leaders) Registration at Parivarthanam Pariyojana Portal

Trainers who can supervise, handhold, and stimulate the beneficiary students to finish their training happily and support them to take the right NSDC skilling program and form their career. They shall be fitted of building a loyal clientele from scratch, in their designated geographic area and take on with commercial activities to help the Parivarthanam Project.

Teachers / Institutions Registration at Parivarthanam Karyakram Portal

Teachers/Institutions are enthusiastic to take this up as their cultural duty and support the beneficiary students to achieve their education happily. Students will be classified according to subjects and geographical area. Education shall be online and offline according to the convenience of the providers and beneficiaries.

Industry Partners Registration at Parivarthanam Scheme Portal

Institutions are enthusiastic to connect with Parivarthanam by contributing on-the-job education to the beneficiary students in their preferred NSDC Skill practice and/or in their last placement, after their prosperous training.

Fish Producers Registration at KSADC Parivarthanam Yojana Portal

Marine & inland fascinate fishers societies/groups (mythical) working within Kerala, who can provide fish to ICAR-CIFT measures. Inland fish farmers and inland fishers doing aquaculture in Kerala, who can provide live fish produced to ICAR-CIFT instructions.

How To Apply Online for Kerala Parivartanam Scheme?

Here are the simple steps to apply for Parivartanam Scheme. Simply, follow these steps-

Step 1:  Go to the official website for the Parivarthanam scheme (

Step 2: Now, search for the apply online option on the homepage. Click on the apply online option and a new page will be open.

Step 3: Enter your complete personal information i.e. your name, age, etc.

Step 4: Attach the required documents i.e. identity proof, address proof, etc.

Step 5: Submit all the details.

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